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14 Fun Activities For Moms: How to Prioritize Self-Care with Your Ladies or By Yourself

Moms may feel guilty for taking time for themselves or with their girlfriends, but remember that it is healthy. So, I want to give you some fun ideas for YOU to prioritize self-care by yourself or with your friends — even while social distancing!

When was the last time you had a moment to yourself? As a mom, you are constantly working — helping your children, helping your spouse, helping your co-workers — but when was the last time you helped yourself? Your family is important, but so are YOU! So make sure you prioritize yourself too!

Moms may feel guilty for taking time for themselves or with their girlfriends, but remember that it is healthy. So, I want to give you some fun ideas for YOU to prioritize self-care with your friends — even while social distancing!

Don’t feel guilty for spending time for yourself. Moms, you have to take care of YOU in order to be the best for your children.

1) Immerse Yourself Into Your Mom Community

Have time away from your family without guilt — virtually! Join a few mommy Facebook groups or online forums, like one of my favorites, Joy of Mom. In these groups, you can feel free to share fun (and sometimes not so fun) stories, ask for help, and most importantly, vent! More than likely, another mommy is going through the same situation as you so don’t be afraid to say what you feel.

2) Vision Boards

A vision board is a collage of pictures or affirmations that are important to you and will help you reach your dreams and desires. You should feel inspired and motivated while creating it! Get on a Zoom call with your girls, grab some magazines, search the internet, and create away! You can discuss how to achieve your goals and what you want out of life. This can help reset and center your mind to focus on your life ambitions.

3) Go For a Walk Around Your Neighborhood

Any type of fitness during quarantine is beneficial to you — whatever it may be. Enjoying a peaceful walk in nature on your own can also be extremely relaxing and satisfying! Working up a sweat while immersing yourself in the modest outdoors can also boost your mood and re-energize your body.

4) Manis & Pedis – Who Doesn’t Love Those!

All moms love a good mani and pedi! You don’t need a nail salon, either. Just grab a filer and sit down in a comfortable chair by yourself. Make sure you tell your family that you are having some alone time so you aren’t interrupted. For fun, pick your favorite color or try a new color that fits the season.

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5) Have a Movie Night

Wine, popcorn and movies with friends: a mother’s perfect night. But with social distancing, it’s difficult for moms to physically be together. Try out Netflix Party! This kind of night is a win-win situation for moms who want a break or need some time to chat and unwind. Come up with a selection of movies to choose from to spice up the night, and it’ll be a great opportunity to talk with your friends afterwards about the film!

6) Routine to Take a Shower or Beloved Bath

Routine creates order in the midst of the Coronavirus chaos. Taking a shower everyday or a bath a few times a week can reset your mind and body. Use your favorite hair mask or leave-in conditioner to really make your hair shine and feel full or your favorite bath bomb to relax and soothe your skin after a long day. This is YOUR alone time! Make the most of it!

7) Spa Nights Can Be Simple

Sometimes, self-care is as simple as putting on a face mask, soaking your feet, and sipping your favorite tea. Other times, self-care is deeper than that, and you need more time for yourself, but I wanted to remind you that a spa night can be calming and rewarding, especially when you can clear your thoughts and just breathe.

8) Start Journaling

Write down what has happened during the day as a way to compile your thoughts. It’s good to keep a journal about fun things that have happened that day as little reminders to keep you going strong. It’ll also be like a time capsule, so that when this pandemic is over, you can revisit it and see how far you’ve come with your family.

9) Pool Time

If you have a pool, then it shouldn’t just be for your kids. Grab your swimsuit and towels and swim some laps! The physical exercise will help relieve stress and aches in your body, and I’m sure the water will feel great!

10) Group FaceTimes or Chats to Keep in Touch

Texting, calling, FaceTiming, and connecting is a beautiful way to maintain friendships during COVID-19. Even the simplest “Hi! I miss you!” can make your mommy friends feel loved & appreciated by you — and you’ll feel more connected with them too! Friends are valuable, and it’s so important to keep your village close during these hard times.

11) Watch a Series Together

You know that one show that you’ve been wanting to watch for SO long, but you just haven’t gotten around to it? Well, that’s what your friends are for! Watching a series with your girls is SUCH a fun way to stay connected, and it gives you all something to talk about aside from your day-to-day lives.

Get your friends together and choose one that you all love and will want to chat about and decide how many episodes to watch each week. Then, at the end of the week, get together on FaceTime and discuss what happened!

12) Find a New Hobby Together

Learn a new language, play an instrument, cook a trendy meal, or find a new passion with your gals. All of these can be found through online resources! Keep each other notified with updates on FaceTime or through social media about what you’ve learned. Doing something creative together sparks enthusiasm!

13) Read a Book

Everyone loves a good book club! Read that book you’ve been wanting to start. Small progress is good progress, and chapter by chapter you’ll finish it. Then, call up your girlfriends and hear what they think about the latest chapter!

14) Did Someone Say Shopping? — Online, of Course!

While we are in self-quarantine, and many clothing stores are understandably closed, online shopping is still an option! Perusing fashion websites and updating your wardrobe with new clothes bought online can certainly boost your mood, especially when you can’t get to the store. You’ll feel confident, but before you buy, get feedback from your friends about what they think would suit you best!

Whether it’s something big or something small, self-care is important. Moms, take the time to cherish your moments with your friends. You will be your best self around your family when you do things that make you happy. Energy radiates, friends! When you are happy, then others feel your energy and will be happy too. You. Are. Valuable! Remember that!