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16 Wonderful Ways Mommies Can Get Support

Hey mamas! You know how challenging life can be, and balancing your roles can seem impossible. I’m giving you 16 awesome resources for you to find your village and treat you (and your little one) to some much-needed self-care!

Hey mamas! You know how challenging life can be, and balancing your roles can seem impossible. I’m giving you 16 awesome resources for you to find your village and treat you (and your little one) to some much-needed self-care!

1) March of Dimes Helps to Improve Mothers and Babies’ Health

This incredible non-profit organization is here to help you and your child with apps, virtual support groups, Facebook live events with special guests, and more! Whether your family needs health resources or an extra boost of support, March of Dimes is a great extension to your village!

2) Copious Amounts of Support From Sesame Street

Sesame Street offers a powerful program called “Sesame Street in Communities,” which helps families stay physically and mentally healthy. I love that this initiative offers your little ones activities to help them develop while letting mamas feel like they’re in a bigger community!

3) BuyBuy Baby’s Registry Box

When you’re a new or expecting mom, you’re probably stressed about getting all the essentials. If you sign up for this registry, BuyBuy Baby will send you a Welcome Box for free with many helpful products for childcare including baby wipes, multivitamins, and so much more!

4) Target Member’s Baby Registry Box

Similar to Amazon Prime, if you sign up for Target’s baby registry, they will send you a Baby Registry Gift Bag for free. These products can include diapers, pacifiers, bottles from brands like Huggies and Graco, and more!

5) Peanut App for Moms

If you haven’t joined me on the Peanut app, you’re missing out! No matter where you are in your mommy journey, this app offers you resources, group chats and so much more to help you out. The best part is it’s a free app you can download on your phone!

I also pop on the app for Peanut Pods to offer mamas tips on building your village, IVF and more. Give me a follow here!

6) Mocha Moms

One group that I recently found that I absolutely love is Mocha Moms! This support group is specifically for moms of color to find their village through all phases of motherhood. You can even join them on Facebook for fun events!

7) Le Leche League

Many mamas need support with breastfeeding and pumping but they’re not sure how to get help. That’s where Le Leche Leaguecomes in! This group even gives you both virtual and in-person events to choose from.

8) Medela’s Free Samples of Breastfeeding Products

Sign up with Medela’s The Mom’s Room community, and you will receive a box of free samples of breastfeeding products with free shipping. Some products included nursing pads and breast milk storage bags. So important for new mommies!

9) Similac Supports Pregnant Moms

Pregnant mommies can enjoy free full-size formula cans and coupons from Similac’s Strongmoms Club. You can even get up to $400 in products – say what? Sign up for their club today!

10) Prenatal Vitamins Essential For Your Baby’s Growth

Prenatal vitamins are essential for moms-to-be, but they can get pretty dang expensive! Fill out Vitafol’s form, and they will send you a 12-day sample kit of ULTRA-FirstStep Supplements. How easy is that?

11)  Tinyhood for Your Little Ones

First of all, how cute is that group name? Tinyhood is a great community for new and expecting moms to meet other mamas, take birthing classes, get tips on breastfeeding and so much more!

12) Coupons for Much Needed Formula

Storebrandformula.com is offering free coupons for tons of store brand formula to help you in a pinch! You can print the coupons out right away for immediate savings from nationwide stores like CVS and Walmart.

13) Enfamil Promises Strong Beginnings for Little Babies

Sign up for Enfamil’s Family Beginnings program, and they will send you free products such as formula samples and lots of unique coupons. They also provide expert advice for any mothers needing assistance, especially in this troubling time.

14) Pave the Path Forward

For those mamas heading back into the workplace, you’ll love this amazing organization! They specialize in helping you start your career after caregiving, so parents can feel more confident going back to work.

15) National Parent Helpline

If you’re looking for a helping hand but you’re not sure how to reach out, this hotline is a great place to start! They offer moms of all stages plenty of tips and even offer mental health support.

16) Salvation Army Provides Comfort To the Most Vulnerable

Food, toiletries, and clothing are just some of the items you can get from this caring organization. They have been around for years with its well-known, trustworthy brand. Find out how you can receive aid in your state on The Salvation Army website!

Need A Little Extra Support?

I’m all about building your village, and you can always reach out to me with any questions. Feel free to DM meany time! XOXO