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An Open Letter to Aunties

Being part of the village means supporting one another in every way we can—and in any way moms need.

To those who support their mom friends

Dear Auntie,

First of all, I just want to say “thank you.” As an auntie, you support your mom friends in so many ways and love their children as your own. You, my dear, play a hugely important role in their lives! Whether you’ve cooked a meal for a friend, held her baby as she showered or took her child to the library for an hour, you’ve shown your friend that you’re there for her and whatever she needs.

A lot of my closest friends are moms now, and—oh my gosh—the love in my life has doubled because of it! My girlfriends mean everything to me. They’ve had my back when I needed someone in my corner, picked me up when I’ve been down, danced the night away with me and talked me out of some terrible fashion choices. 😉

But I’ll be the first to admit that I was nervous that I wouldn’t see as much of my friends after their kids were born. However, seeing the little versions of my favorite people laugh and play with one another fills my heart with joy. I love their children, and I want to be a friend to them like their mommies have been to me.

You probably already know this if you follow me on Instagram, but the children in my life call me Auntie Lo—and it is truly one of my greatest honors! I love being someone they can turn to, ask for help and rely on. More than anything, though, I think being an auntie is all about just being there, for the kids and moms in our lives. I make it a priority to show up, listen and support the incredible women I know who are raising the future!!

My advice to other aunties––this includes grandparents, relatives and babysitters!––is to not wait for a mom to ask for help. Today’s standards of motherhood are unrealistic and encourage women to feel like they have to “do it all.” Because of that, they may feel guilty over asking for a hand with dinner or for someone to watch their kids while they run a few errands.

If there is a mom in your life that you think deserves a break—newsflash: every mom does—just show up! These women want you there, and as a part of their children’s lives. Being part of the village means supporting one another in every way we can—and in any way moms need. 💛

Remember, always have courage and be kind.
Auntie Lo 💛