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Compassion, Comprehension, And Community — Finding Support for Your IVF Journey

While the science behind IVF has never been better, that doesn’t mean modern-day mommas won’t face intense emotional challenges. I know the struggles of IVF first-hand—and trust me, it’s a psychological rollercoaster! Honestly, if I didn’t have the support of my village, I don’t know how I would have navigated my IVF journey.

While the science behind IVF has never been better, that doesn’t mean modern-day mommas won’t face intense emotional challenges. I know the struggles of IVF first-hand—and trust me, it’s a psychological rollercoaster! Honestly, if I didn’t have the support of my village, I don’t know how I would have navigated my IVF journey.

However, since IVF is such a personal issue, I’ve found it helps to branch out from your local village. Unless someone you know experienced IVF personally, it can be difficult for friends and family to relate to what you’re going through. That’s why I strongly recommend that moms-to-be search for IVF-focused groups that are committed to confidential and compassionate guidance. 

If you’re beginning your IVF treatment, then you need to check out a few of the IVF resources compiled below. Each of these tips will provide new mommas-to-be with the support they need. 

In-Vitro Encouragement — The Best IVF Resources for Moms-to-Be

Get Social On Cyberspace—Joining Facebook IVF Groups

First off, I should mention that too much social media can add a TON of stress to our lives. Manystudies show the more time we spend scrolling and tweeting, the more likely it will cause issues like depression or anxiety. 

However, that doesn’t mean social media is going away, nor does it mean you shouldn’t use it to your advantage. When used responsibly, social media can help you connect with fellow IVF mommas. You just have to know what to look out for. 

Currently, Facebook has one of the largestIVF Support Groups online . Created in 2007, the Facebook IVF Support Group page now has over 50,000 members who share encouragement and advice for fellow members. 

Most significantly, the Facebook IVF Support Group is 100 percent private and constantly monitored for hateful speech. All of these factors make it one of the most reputable places to build your village.   

If you’re already on Facebook, I’d recommend taking advantage of everything the IVF Support Group has to offer. You could also search other social media pages for similar IVF support groups. Just be sure to double check that each group you join has a good track record for privacy and security. Also, try not to spend too much time on social media…because that might have the opposite effect! 

Binge On Some IVF Books

While social media has plenty of IVF communities to join, it’s easy to get information overload online. Ironically, sometimes the best way to feel connected is to shut off your computer and open a good old-fashioned book!

In recent years, there are plenty of published books that tackle IVF issues head-on. From first-person accounts to simplified scientific texts, you shouldn’t have a problem finding IVF books to help you on your journey. Here are just a few of the best IVF books that I’ve found:

• It Starts With An Egg

• Infreakinfertility

• Fighting Infertility

IVF Meal Plan

• The Underwear in My Shoe

No matter what IVF book you pick up, there’s a good chance it will help you feel a whole lot calmer. Believe it or not, a recent study found that reading for pleasure was more relaxing than listening to soothing music! So, do yourself a favor and schedule a few hours every day to unwind in a book. 

Resolve To Research RESOLVE! — Finding In-Person IVF Groups

Founded in 1974, RESOLVE is the most respected advocacy group for parents dealing with infertility. While this group is headquartered in Virginia, they’ve helped countless new mommas throughout the US find the support they need during the IVF process. 

If you prefer in-person IVF groups, go check out RESOLVE’s official“Support” tab. Here, you’ll see a map with hundreds of IVF-related support groups in all 50 states. Simply click on the area that’s closest to you to learn more about what services are available.

Even if you’re not interested in finding an IVF group through RESOLVE’s portal, there’s a ton of helpful info on this website. From insurance advice to volunteer opportunities, RESOLVE has a lot you can take advantage of. Be sure to take your time browsing all of the info available on RESOLVE’s website

Avoiding Meltdowns With Mindfulness — Look Into Stress Reduction Groups

We all know that going through IVF is stressful, but did you know your anxiety levels could affect fertility? No, I’m not making this up; this is backed by science! According to a recent trial, women who went through a mind/body course alongside IVF treatment had a greater success rate than those who didn’t learn about mind/body therapy. 

While scientists are still researching the connection between emotional and reproductive health, it’s pretty clear that less stress is a good thing. That’s why I’d recommend looking into courses or groups dedicated to naturally reducing anxiety.

If you’re interested in learning more about mind/body medicine, I’d first recommend visiting TMSWiki.org. Dedicated to the work of NYU Dr. John Sarno, this community is dedicated to helping people suffering from dozens of mind/body pain conditions. Although this group isn’t explicitly focused on IVF, I bet you’ll learn a ton about how the mind influences our physical reactions on this website. 

In addition to learning about the mind/body connection, many IVF patients rave about using stress-busting techniques like mindfulness meditation, Tai Chi, or yoga. There are countless apps and groups dedicated to these relaxing activities, so be sure to take your time researching what works for you. 

Here are just a few of the most popular meditation apps you could download today:

• Breethe

• Calm

• Headspace

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Still Struggling To Find IVF Support? Talk to Me! 

I know how emotionally draining the IVF process can be, but please know that there’s always support out there. Whether you prefer the anonymity of an online group or in-person meetings, you should find an IVF group above and build your village. The more people you can connect with, the easier time you’ll have navigating the confusion that is IVF. 

Of course, if you still feel overwhelmed by all of this IVF information, please don’t hesitate to DM me @florenceann.romano on Instagram or Facebook! I promise to respond to all of your questions and concerns ASAP!