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Hiring a Nanny When the Parent Works From Home

No matter the parent’s job, having a nanny is their decision. Here’s how to make the most out of your parent-nanny relationship if you work from home.

No matter the parent’s job, having a nanny is their decision. Here’s how to make the most out of your at-home parent-nanny relationship.

Parents today aren’t just caretakers. They’re chauffeurs, entertainers, chefs, personal shoppers, nurses, therapists—name any job, mom and dad have done it. Even though they can do it all, it doesn’t mean they have to. Just like doctors need nurses and executives need assistants, some parents need nannies! They’re the sanity keepers that make sure kids are happy and safe while parents handle hectic schedules.

For many moms and dads, making the decision to work from home can seem like the perfect solution. Keeping the job and spending more time with the kids? Total win-win! However, calming crying infants while on a conference call isn’t always easy. Hiring a nanny while working remotely can help parents dedicate a few hours to uninterrupted work, without worrying about what the kids are up to. Knowing the little ones are being cared for by a professional gives parents the gift of being fully present during their workday.

Especially with young children, simple tasks like going to the grocery store or gym can seem impossible. Having a nanny watch over the kids for those quick errands is well worth it. Nannies are the ultimate time-savers—cleaning up goes by much faster when there isn’t a little one making a mess in the other room. No matter how much parents wish they could give kids their constant attention, the reality is, life tends to get in the way. And that’s OK! Having a nanny can help any parents get through their most chaotic days.

Who’s In Charge?

Expectations can get confusing when the parent works from home. Establishing ground rules upfront makes it possible for parents and nannies to work together in harmony. In many ways, when a parent is at home with his or her nanny, the two are sharing an office—and it’s important to treat it like one!

Parent—You’ll be tempted to take charge, but it’s important to let the nanny do their thing! Your nanny may not do everything exactly as you would, but as long as they’re keeping your kids happy and safe, it’s best you don’t interfere. Knowing your nanny is here to help will give you peace of mind, and maybe even some peace and quiet.

Nannies—Don’t be afraid to stick to your routine. Knowing a parent is still around may make you feel uneasy at first, but setting those boundaries will give you space to take care of business as usual. When you need to, remind parents that you’re here to give them a well-deserved breather. It won’t take long for you both to fall into a comfortable routine.

Whether you work 9-to-5 from home or not at all, wave your nanny flag proud. (No judgment here!) During a parent’s craziest days, it’s up to nannies to come to the rescue. Nanny-parent teamwork can make the dream work, but the players have to know their roles. Set expectations early on and together, and you’ll be amazed at what you can do!