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IV F + The Single Girl

 … a phrase I never thought I would write. Like, ever.

When I was little I would dress up as a bride ALL the time and put on pretend weddings with my neighborhood friends. If you asked me then, I would have told you I would have been married at 21 like my Mommy and have 4 kids just like her. Fast forward to 35 years old. Not married, no kids, and HAPPY I didn’t get married at 21 (way too young in my opinion)!

But, am I happy that marriage and kids haven’t happened for me? No, I am not. And I can be very honest about that. I never thought this would “happen to me.” But, as I have gotten older, I realized that this didn’t happen “to me” … it happened FOR me. I believe there’s a plan for me, and I believe we have to control what we can in life. Well, I can control whether or not I freeze my eggs, and I control whether or not I become a mommy!

This page is meant to be a way for me to document my journey and be able to look back on. Join me on my journey to becoming #MommyLo!

Want to stay up to date on all of my IVF news? I post daily and weekly updates about my doctors’ visits, egg retrievals, ALLL of my shots, and more on my Instagram Stories!

IVF Updates

When It All Started

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