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12 Kid-Friendly Holiday Recipes

I have always adored the holiday season because it brings together two of my favorite subjects: family and food! Not only is cooking together a fantastic way to bond with your child, but it also offers so many teachable moments on math and measuring, the five senses, health, culture and much more.

I have always adored the holiday season because it brings together two of my favorite subjects: family and food! Not only is cooking together a fantastic way to bond with your child, but it also offers so many teachable moments on math and measuring, the five senses, health, culture and much more. 

Following a recipe gives kids the structure and confidence they need to help them feel useful and special. Plus, you can make something together to share with your village. After all, it is the season of giving!

But let’s be real: Holiday food isn’t exactly known as being the healthiest option. I know I’m always guilty of indulging in all the sweets of the season! Be it sugar cookies or that extra-salty, extra-cheesy hash-brown casserole, holiday meals and snacks are more known for comfort than nutrition. 

It’s important to help your kiddos eat healthy this holiday season, which is why I’ve rounded up some of my favorite fun, easy — and, yes, healthy — recipes perfect for you and your little one to prepare together and share with your family and friends. Bon appétit!


Eggs In a Basket

Though holiday breakfast might be the last thing mamas might be thinking about, it shouldn’t be dismissed! Kicking the morning off with a simple recipe with your little one is a fantastic way to start the day right. This quick and easy eggs in a basket recipe is hearty, healthy and low-maintenance, and gives your kids a chance to get extra creative with their toast shapes! Christmas trees, a pumpkin, a star, or a heart are a few classic cookie-cutters that work perfectly.

Healthy Pumpkin Oat Breakfast Cookies

I love this recipe because it allows you to answer the question, “Cookies for breakfast?” with a resounding “Yes!” This hands-on recipe is healthy and provides both flavor and nutrition, so it’s mama-approved! Oats and pumpkin puree are rolled and topped with sweets like dried cranberries and dark chocolate chips, as well as crunchy bits like pepitas. Give the gift of a healthy ‘dessert-first’ day!


Pita Christmas Trees

You can never have too many Christmas trees in the house, so why not add some to your table this year? These cute pita trees are easy for kids to decorate with guacamole and veggies, and they’ll love the fun festive shapes! This is a great one to share with your village at your next holiday party – I promise everyone will love biting into these seasonal snacks. 

Antipasto Wreath

What could be easier than a cheese tray? Now add on a cute holiday wreath, and you’ll have the most festive tray in the neighborhood! Little ones can help put the tray together and of course munch on cheese and fruits. And you don’t have to worry about them loading up on sugar with too many sweets! 


Pumpkin Mac N’ Cheese Cups

Ok, what child doesn’t love mac and cheese? Heck, even lots of mamas love this dish too! These mac and cheese cups are great for so many reasons: A whole tray can make the perfect side for the entire kids’ table, they’re shaped to look like a pumpkin, and they offer a helping of cheesy goodness in the perfect size! Kids will love mixing in the cheese with the noodles, scooping into the muffin tin, shaping their pumpkins, and most of all—eating from their ‘pumpkin patch!’

Scrumptious Breadsticks

If you ask me, bread should always be a staple at the holiday dinner table, so I had to add a delicious and easy breadstick recipe! Unlike classic bakery rolls, these call for breadstick dough and give your little chef an easy way to help out. Plus, they’ll have fun rolling out the dough for these yummy breadsticks!

Healthy Herb Stuffing

This recipe works well as both a side dish and as preparing the stuffing for a turkey main course. While you clean and prep the turkey, your kids can be mixing together this recipe and helping to stuff the bird for cooking. Plus, this recipe tastes delicious and gets your kiddos to eat their vegetables without even knowing it!

Main Dishes

Turkey Lasagna

My family is Italian, so you know I love bringing pasta dishes into our holiday meals whenever I can! It doesn’t have to all be turkey and stuffing, or you can switch it up year-to-year—that’s what’s so great about cooking together and creating traditions as a family and with your kiddo. Lasagna is also one of my personal favorite recipes for sharing with my village!

 This lasagna recipe gives the hearty Italian dish a healthy flair by using homemade tomato sauce, whole grain noodles and lean ground turkey. Kids can layer each ingredient step-by-step to create the perfect main course. 

I’m hungry just thinking about this delicious lasagna recipe! 

Ham With Glaze And Pineapple

Aside from the glaze, your little chef’s assistant will help you make, this main dishis so easy it almost makes itself. Together, whisk up the glaze, apply it to the ham, and let your helper top the dish off with pineapple rings. Letting them add a cherry on top before serving might just be, well, the cherry on top of a fun experience!


Cinnamon Apple Chips

Use this dish as a sweet post-dinner snackor even as a side to your meal. A sprinkle of cinnamon gives this fruity treat a pop of flavor, and the ring shape makes it fun to eat.

Grinch Fruit Kabobs

While we all want to be as jolly as Santa, who doesn’t love watching The Grinch every Christmas? You can bring a little Grinch to your dessert menu with these fun and adorable kabobs! Have you ever noticed that your kiddos will eat their fruits and veggies when there’s some fun involved? Well, they’re sure to love these tiny treats! 

Gingerbread House

Here is one area it’s hard to be healthy, but that shouldn’t stop you from embarking on this time-honored tradition! Plus, remember: the candy, frosting, sugar and gingerbread usually aren’t even eaten—they’re just building and decorating tools. 

This is a sweet way to spend time together while letting little ones’ imaginations run wild with their candy-fueled fantasies, and in this recipe, you can even make your gingerbread from scratch. If that feels a little lofty, a supermarket kit works just as well. Whatever is easiest for you—I promise your little ones will have a blast building their own village out of gingerbread!

Give Back to Your Village This Holiday

No matter what you whip up in the kitchen this holiday, you can teach your child the importance of giving back by sharing with your village. If you know a mama in need or you’re feeling generous, make some extra helpings to bring over to your loved ones. They’ll love the home cooking and they will definitely feel showered with love!

Do you have some fun and healthy kid-friendly holiday recipes? Send me yours via Instagram DMs @florenceann.romano. I’d love some inspiration! XOXO