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Managing The “Kiddo Chaos” – Six Tools Mommas Can Use To Stay Organized

Have you ever heard the phrase, “As within, so without?” What this popular saying suggests is that a tranquil mind will lead to a calm outer world. If only that were true for new mommas!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “As within, so without?” What this popular saying suggests is that a tranquil mind will lead to a calm outer world. If only that were true for new mommas!  

Let’s get real: no amount of meditation will manage the chaos that is motherhood. That’s why I recommend new mommas read this ancient phrase in reverse: “As without, so within!”

What I mean is if you bring some organizational tools to your outer world, you will feel a heck of a lot calmer inside. There’s now evidence that organization has an incredibly positive impact on our mental health.

So, in this post, I’m going to share a few tips on how new mommas can stay organized. Adding these organization tools to your life will help you handle even the most chaotic days.    

My Top Six Organization Tips For New Moms

Don’t Leave Home Without A Diaper Bag

When new mommas think “on-the-go organization,” they should immediately picture a stylish diaper bag! Every momma knows these bags are so much more than diaper carriers. Many of the newer diaper bags have pockets for insulated bottles, toys, clothes…and even your iPad! Believe me, you’ll never want to leave home without your trusty diaper bag.

I’m such a firm believer in owning a diaper bag that I’ve included it on my list of the “Ten Essential Items for First-Time Mommas.” Be sure to check out this link to find out what other items new mommas should buy!  

Add Some Predictability With A Daily Planner

Whether you prefer an iPad or a notebook, planners are a great way to schedule in some predictability. But these booklets aren’t just great for mapping out meals and meetings. There are many  planners designed to help you track your little one’s daily patterns.

Be sure to write down when your little one tends to sleep and snack every day. After a few weeks, you’ll start to see a natural pattern emerge. This valuable info is especially useful for new mommas who want to establish a routine.

Keep The Junk Out Of Your Trunk! – Car Trash Can

Garbage pails are as essential in our cars as they are in our homes. Considering all the snacking and slurping that’s bound to happen in your car, I bet you’ll love a waterproof car trash bin.

After you get in the habit of tossing your trash in this bin (rather than the floor), you’ll be amazed at how much free space opens up to you! Say goodbye to funky week-old French fries and sauce stains with this handy trash bin!  

Keep Playtime Organized – Invest In Toy Bins

New mommas often joke that their toy collection “grows” faster than their little one. Unfortunately, all of these toys can create a lot of clutter on your floors. To avoid this scenario, I recommend looking into toy storage.

There are many wonderful wooden frames with removable plastic containers that make playtime super efficient. If you’re not ready to splurge on pre-made storage organizers, you could also store toys in plastic bins. Just be sure to tape an index card on the side to remind you and your kiddos what’s inside.    

Avoid Soapy Hands With A “Bath Time Toy Scooper”

It’s not just your dedicated play area that could use a “toy organization boost.” Mesh toy scoopers are making a “splash” in the parenting market! These simple and affordable organizers will help you keep “floaty fun time” well organized.

Once it’s time for your baby’s “bath buddies” to go “bye-bye,” use one of these scoops to gather all of the toys and attach it to the wall. Since these devices are made with mesh, you can let them air dry and leave them in place for the next bath time adventure.

Send Your Cutie Into The Cloud – Baby Photo Organizers

If you’re a new momma, it’s easy for every minute to turn into a mini photoshoot. Of course, all of these pics can quickly create “camera clutter” on your phone. Solution? Send those pics to the cloud, of course!

There are tons of fantastic photo apps that could help you arrange all of your amazing photos. Best of all, many apps like Lifecake are 100 percent free! Be sure to download a photo app that works for you before bringing your new addition home.

Please Don’t Go Overboard With The Organizing!

As a final word of warning: please never use ink when planning your days! With a new kiddo in the home, you always have to prepare for the unexpected. While these organization tools can help add a bit of order to your day, your kiddo’s needs should be your top priority.

FYI: if you’d like to read more about gently guiding your little one into a routine, be sure to read this previous post. Happy organizing! As always, feel free to DM me on Instagram @windycitynanny! XOXO