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Minimizing Mask Meltdowns — How To Make Your Kiddos Face Mask Fans

Let’s be honest for a second: face masks can be downright annoying! Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate why we all need to wear masks nowadays. However, these face coverings can make so many aspects of our daily life a little extra aggravating, especially if you have kiddos (or eyeglasses)!  

While some little ones enjoy wearing face masks, I’ve heard from many mommas who are dealing with mask meltdowns. However, since the CDC recommends kids over 2 years old wear masks—and given the fact that every business requires masks—mommas need a crafty way to convince their kiddos that these masks are comfy.”

If your little one is super fussy about face masks, then you may want to check out these tips. Hopefully, the suggestions below will keep your little one protected during this pandemic.

Avoiding Mask Mayhem — How To Help Your Kiddo Wear a Face Mask

Explain Calmly And Clearly What The Heck Is Going On!

I think all mommas can sympathize with just how scary face masks must look to little ones. Many child psychologists point out that kiddos need to see facial cues to fully comprehend emotions. Since face masks cover our mouths, it’s no wonder our kiddos are so confused!

To help put your little one’s nerves at ease, I first recommend calmly explaining why everyone is wearing face masks in as positive a manner. If your little one asks more questions about face masks or COVID-19, be sure to address them as accurately as possible.

Generally speaking, the more prepared kiddos are, the less frightened they will feel. You should also reassure your kiddo that face masks won’t last forever (hopefully!).

Try Playing Doctor With Plush Patients

One sly way some mommas get kiddos to wear their face masks is to have them pretend to be doctors. This is a perfect time to bust out that classic board game Operation! You’ll all get the real feel for what it’s like to be a surgeon with your face masks on.  

Did you know Hasbro now sells a special Mandalorian edition of Operation with the oh-so-adorable Grogu? If you’ve got a little Star Wars buff in the house, this is a super-easy way to coax them into wearing a face mask!  

If you don’t happen to have Operation in your home, you can also encourage your little one to play doctor with their favorite plush patients, aka their toys.

FYI: there are plenty of surprisingly adorable plush toys that look like internal organs (check out this Amazon link for some fun examples). You could use these unique toys to teach your little one the basics of anatomy.

Schedule A Facemask Fashion Show!

If your little one isn’t interested in pretending to be a doctor, maybe a face mask fashion show is in order! Grab your fab collection of face masks and have everyone in the family “rock the runway” with funny poses. You can even capture these memories on your phone and upload a few pics to social media. Make sure to tag me @windycitynanny if you do!

The whole point of this tip is to make wearing face masks fun and fashionable. Laughter always helps during difficult times, so be sure to be extra silly during your fashion sesh!  

Make A Mask Masterpiece!

Even if you’ve never used a sewing machine in your life, I bet you can easily craft a few face masks with your fam. There are loads of face mask 101 videos online to help even non-crafty folks create personalized masks.

Be sure to let your little one choose all of the design elements for his or her mask. You want your kiddo’s mask to be a work of art they’re proud to share with the world.

Trust me: once you and your kiddos finish crafting your face masks, they will have such a blast admiring their craft. Heck, I bet your little one will want to don these DIY face masks ASAP!  

Bonus tip: if you’ve got the time and the resources, consider making a few face masks for friends, family, or community organizations. This is an excellent way to teach your little one gratitude and build lasting bonds with your village.  

Remember The Importance Of Routine!

I think I speak for everyone when I say this COVID-19 pandemic has made us all feel a bit out of control. That’s why it’s so crucial for new mommas to maintain a consistent routine at home.

While the world outside may be out of our hands, we can structure our inner sanctuary.

Keeping a consistent routine will relieve so much unnecessary tension in your household. Plus, all of those hugs and kisses from your bonding sessions will make your little one feel all warm and cuddly inside. And, honestly, we all need those fuzzy feels nowadays!  

If you want more tips on setting a successful routine at home, be sure to read this previous blog post.  

Be a Wondermom: Put That Face Mask on!

If we want kiddos to wear masks, we all need to put our masks where our mouths are—literally! Please do your best to set a good example for your little ones when you’re out and about.

In addition to wearing a face mask, be sure to emphasize CDC-approved health hacks like washing your hands with soapy water and staying six feet away from others. As long as you’re following the CDC’s guidelines, chances are your kiddos will imitate you!  

For the latest details on CDC-approved safety guidelines, please visit this official website.  

Do you have any other fun ways of teaching your kiddo to wear a face mask? I’d love to hear your ideas! Feel free to DM me with your tips @windycitynanny. XOXO!