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Mom and Dad Date Nights Aren’t Just Fun—They’re Necessary

If you’re a mama of little ones, date nights at your favorite bar or trendiest new restaurant might not be part of your regular routine anymore, but every once in a while they should be! Actually— they need to be.

If you’re a mama of little ones, date nights at your favorite bar or trendiest new restaurant might not be part of your regular routine anymore, but every once in a while they should be! Actually— they need to be. Making sure that your child is happy, healthy and safe is of course always your top priority, but parents also need to carve out some space for quality time with each other!

There are so many understandable reasons date nights can be a challenge for parents, but I’m telling you, ladies: it’s so super important. You and your partner deserve time to be by yourselves, and it’s a great self-care practice so you can be the best parents to your little ones! It’s also a reminder that you’re not just a mama—you’re a badass woman with her own interests!

Still not convinced? Here’s my handy guide to mom and dad date nights!

Why Even Have Date Nights?

Hello, being a parent is stressful! Date nights are a great way to unwind and reconnect with your partner while also reminiscing on life before your children. Life often revolves around the kiddos, and taking time for self-care is SO important to avoid mommy burnout. Yes, it’s a real thing! 

“Mommy burnout is the emotional and physical exhaustion that you feel from the chronic stress of parenting,” according to psychologist Sheryl Ziegler. By spending time with your partner alone, you can reset, refresh and come home ready to be the best parent you can be!

One super common reason moms put date nights on the back burner is because of separation anxiety. If this is you—don’t worry! It’s totally normal to worry about your child while you’re apart, especially while they’re still young. However, worrying limits you from going out and doing things for yourself like attending classes or self-care, and you’re still allowed to do those things!

I find the best way to manage separation anxiety is by doing one thing that makes you feel more comfortable. Take a solo trip to the grocery store, go get a mani-pedi, or my personal favorite—go and get a blowout so you can feel fabulous. Gradually, as your child gets used to you being gone for longer periods of time, they’ll be able to handle little trips without panicking and will build their confidence in themselves. And soon enough, you’ll find that you’ve worked your way up to being comfortable with a full date night! 

How To Have More Date Nights

Life gets so busy and complicated that finding time for a date night can be difficult, but there are a few ways you can get some private time with the person you love.

First and foremost, leaning on your village to help your family is a great way to get out for a date night. Your village is filled with people who care about you and your children: relatives, friends, neighbors—let love in and utilize their help! Whenever you want to spend quality time with your partner, call up a friend or family member to take care of the kiddos. Even just reaching out shows how much you appreciate your village, and it’s so important to ask for help when you need it!

Hiring a babysitter is another perfect way to get some last-minute alone time with your special someone. There are all types of childcare styles you can choose from that will suit your family while you’re away. Of course, it can be completely nerve-wracking to leave your child with a babysitter for the first time, but you can do it, mama! Letting a babysitter into your family is a way of giving your child more love and can be a form of self-care for you. Plus, you’re setting a great example for your little one to practice self-care!

If date nights are hard to schedule (or stay awake for!), go on dates at times that work for you! In fact, it may even be easier for you to find childcare during the day than at night. Daytime dates may be more convenient for you and your partner, and hey, those matinee and lunch menu prices don’t hurt, either!

Date Night Ideas

  • Dine at the new hot spot. Make a reservation at a new or popular restaurant in your area and see what the hype is all about! An early dinner is a great way to beat the crowd if the restaurant doesn’t take reservations. Top-off the delicious meal with dessert, a delicious cocktail or stop somewhere for a sweet treat afterward!
  • Exercise. It might not sound glamorous, but doing some form of exercise with your partner is actually such a fun date idea! If you’re struggling to make time for the gym or just feel like you need to burn off steam from the week, setting a date will help you make exercise a priority. Plus, most fitness studios offer first classes for free, so you can use the date to try a new activity together.
  • Volunteer. While a relaxing date night that focuses on you as a couple is nice, one way to switch it up is by volunteering together. Donating your time to a cause you both believe in is such a rewarding way to bond with your partner! 
  • Take a class. Taking a class with your partner is a fun way to learn something new that you can both do together. There are so many classes that a couple can do together: cooking, painting, music, dancing––the possibilities are endless! Check out your local community center or parks department to see what classes are available. Some are even free!
  • Recreate a favorite date. Take a trip down memory lane and go on a date from earlier in your relationship. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but this is a fun way to revisit old hobbies or date-spots. Go mini golfing, check out a drive-in move or split a milkshake. Even if you only talk about past date nights over dinner, reminiscing over all the wonderful time you’ve spent together is a perfect way to reconnect.

Do you have any fun date night ideas for other mamas? DM me on Instagram and share away! XOXO