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Feeling “Fried” During the Summertime? Try These Summer Boredom Busters!

You’d think it would be as easy as pie to plan things to do in the summertime. After about a year of stay-at-home orders, the bright sun seems like the perfect remedy for indoor ennui. Well, I hate to break it to you, but there’s a good chance your kiddos will complain about being bored. That’s just what they do!

You’d think it would be as easy as pie to plan things to do in the summertime. After about a year of stay-at-home orders, the bright sun seems like the perfect remedy for indoor ennui. Well, I hate to break it to you, but there’s a good chance your kiddos will complain about being bored. That’s just what they do! 

However, boredom may not be as big of a bogeyman as we make it out to be. Many pediatricians believe a good dose of boredom could get little ones to think outside of the box. There’s also research that kiddos who have time to daydream may have greater creativity. 

Although a bit of boredom could have benefits, that doesn’t mean your family needs to sulk in a funk all summer long. There are many fab ways you could add some dazzle to even the dullest of days. Mommas should keep these summer boredom busters in mind whenever they need to liven up the household. 

Melt Monotony With These Summer Fun Ideas for Families 

“Rock Out” While Painting Rocks!

You don’t need an expensive canvas to paint a masterpiece this summer. If you have some paint pens and a few smooth stones, you can make colorful artworks at home.  

Rock painting is a simple and fun way to bring out your kiddo’s artistic brilliance. Plus, thanks to the internet, there’s no shortage of rock painting communities to join. After one quick Google search, you’ll find plenty of tips and inspiration on rock painting. You could even sign up for the Kindness Rocks Project to teach your kiddo the power of kind words. 

Once your kiddos complete their painted rocks, find a spot to add them to your home décor. You could also hide a few of these stones at the beach or on a neighbor’s lawn for a fun summertime surprise! 

Host An At-Home Olympics With Your Mini Marathon Runners! 

Since the Tokyo Olympics are game on this year, it’s a fantastic time for families to compete in their own Olympics games. You could be as creative or traditional as you’d like in choosing your games. Heck, you could even schedule your game to match the Olympics TV schedule. The most important thing is that you keep your kiddos moving!

Here are a few sporty event suggestions:

• Host a sidewalk sprint with a chalk-drawn finish line.

• See who could jump the most jumping jacks. 

• Visit your local public pool for a splash-tastic swimming race. 

• Build those mini muscles with light-weight training classes. 

You can also set aside some arts & crafts time to make all of those glorious medals. Find out more about making DIY Olympics medals on this YouTube link

Don’t Forget About Summer Story Time! 

Summertime Reading IG Post

Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean students should slack off their reading time. Educators strongly recommend establishing a regular reading habit throughout to avoid the dreaded summer slump.

But that doesn’t mean you need your kiddos to sit quietly with a book every day…because, honestly, that’s not a realistic goal! Instead, you could plan a few outdoor performances with the whole family. Pick your kiddo’s favorite novel, comic book, or poem, and re-enact the story for your village.

Better yet, why not collaborate as a family to write an incredible original play? For extra zest, consider making artistic props or composing a few tunes to make your live performance worthy of Broadway. Throughout this process, your kiddos will have plenty of opportunities to practice their writing skills. 

If you’d like to learn more about getting your kiddos to read, please check out this previous blog post.

Schedule A Few “Grown-Up Days” 

It’s way more common for new mommas to feel burnt out rather than bored. So, what better way to keep your kiddos occupied than to have them help you with a few daily tasks! 

I know this isn’t the most exciting activity, but it’s a super practical way to stave off boredom and teach valuable life skills. Whether you bring your kiddos into the kitchen, laundry room, or garage, you could always find a way to make an adventure out of everyday tasks. 

By the way, you can find some fantastic kid-approved recipes to try on this previous blog

Prep For An Extra Spooky Halloween 

If your family has a passion for the Pumpkin King, why not start preparing during the summer? Hey, Jack Skellington obsesses about Halloween all year, so what’s wrong with brainstorming a few ideas while making PB&J candy brains (yes, those are for real)?

Many mommas say planning Halloween costumes and decorations ahead of time reduces stress as this horror-filled holiday approaches. Not only will you avoid the last-minute costume rush, you may be able to snag materials at scary cheap prices! 

Also, if you’ve got the space at home, why not try growing a baby pumpkin on your property? Most professional pumpkin farmers plant this crop in the early summer. However, you could speed up your pumpkin’s growth by checking out a local nursery. 

Bonus Tip: Try a Screen-Free Summer Challenge! 

Sometimes, not hearing your kiddo say, “I’m bored” can be just as scary as hearing them complain there’s “nothing to do.” While smartphones can keep your kiddos occupied, they may come at the cost of spontaneity and creativity. 

This is why I’d recommend trying screen-free times this summer. At set times during the day, make a vow to “power down” for a face-to-face “status check.” Yes, it may be challenging to pull away from the dazzling and distracting digitized world, but even a slight reduction in screen time can have tremendous psychological effects

How are you keeping your kiddos entertained this summer? Share your ideas with me on Instagram @florenceann.romano!