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Nannies: Part of Your Pack

You may be asking yourself, “Should I get a nanny? How can having one benefit my child?” Nannies can be so helpful to have in your home for a variety of reasons — and I know there are so many people out there who absolutely LOVE their nannies! I’m giving you a few of my favorite reasons!

You may be asking yourself, “Should I get a nanny? How can having one benefit my child?” Nannies can be so helpful to have in your home for a variety of reasons — and I know there are so many people out there who absolutely LOVE their nannies!

For this reason, I was curious to know the reasons WHY people love their nannies, and why they recommend that other families get one. So I decided to pose a question on my social media pages asking people, “What are some reasons you love your nanny?” The responses I received were so heartwarming to read and I was so happy to hear about the stories, accolades, accomplishments, skills, and qualities these families’ nannies bring to the table. I listed a few of my favorite reasons below!

1. Nannies Introduce Your Children to New Opportunities

One follower shared with me that her nanny assists by helping “introduce new foods and idea(s) to the kids!” Everyone comes from a different background, potential nannies included, so a nanny’s life experience will most likely be a little different from your personal life experience. This makes it a good opportunity for your children to learn something new each and every day with your nanny.

Nannies are able to provide unique experiences by introducing your little ones to various subjects, such as new foods they’re not used to, bold ideas they wouldn’t have thought about otherwise, and cultures outside of their own family’s. All of these are wonderful opportunities for a teaching moment — and can help enrich your children as they grow up by introducing them to different opportunities in a safe, controlled environment.

2. A Unique Set of Skills and Activities for Your Household

When you’re busy or need some alone time for yourself or to spend time with a spouse…no fear! Your nanny is here! He or she can swoop in to save the day and help keep your children stay focused on tasks, leaving you time to relax. One of my wonderful followers wrote to me that her nanny “keeps the kids active with outings, crafts, games, outdoors. Cooks and bakes!” While this momma of two takes time to focus on her work, her nanny is able to entertain and teach her babies with games and other fun activities.

Your nanny is an awesome resource for learning and caretaking, including things like taking your kids on fun outings to the park or cooking meals for them when you’ve had a long workday and just don’t have the energy to. Another one of my followers wrote that her nanny “speaks Spanish and teaches the baby the same books I read so he learns both languages,” which is a beautiful example of a unique, complementing skillset. These wonderful skill sets can certainly help your child’s language secondary skills while their brain is developing at that critical age.

3. Extra Help Around the Home

Another reason that parents love having a nanny around is because of the added assistance that they provide in and around the home. One of my followers mentioned that she’d “be lost without her [nanny].” A nanny has the ability to give guidance, and sometimes even a second opinion, on a variety of situations when it comes to taking care of your little ones. Their unique guidance on certain situations can provide a much needed second opinion.

They can also be a big help with household chores around the home — such as doing the laundry, helping your kids with their homework, or putting your babies to bed. The extra help from the nanny relaxes the parents and allows them to have some much needed downtime. This also gives the nanny an opportunity to have quality time and bond with your babies! I always say that the bond between nanny and child is such a crucial thing to have in a family, and this is a great way to propel that.

4. Enforcing Your Household Values

Another great reason to love your nanny is that he or she can bring another branch of discipline in the home. One of my followers wrote, “I don’t have a nanny but if I had one, especially full time, I would want them to practice whatever we do at home. So if I’m working on discipline, I would want them to do the same so it’s fluid when we return.”

Nannies can be the parent’s extra set of eyes in the home to watch for any negative behavior from your children and help you figure out how to curb those behaviors. Your nanny is able to emulate the values you want represented in your home and help instill them in your children, which is something that should be implemented in any household.

5. True Love

What touched my heart was a response from one of my followers who wrote, “When my children get so happy to see her it makes me happy because I know there is a true love!” The bond between a nanny and the children they care for is unbreakable. The love between them is real and genuine, based on nurturing and consideration for the specific needs of the children. They become genuinely connected with the family, helping them in any way their family needs because of the care and consideration they feel towards them. It’s a match made in Heaven!