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Free guide – Ditch the Devices & Prioritize Play

With the kiddos out of school in the summer I know it can be hard to get them off their screens, so its time we set some screen time rules! It’s important that we have breaks to get some play time in. I’ve put together this resource for you for tips on how to decrease screen time and prioritize play time for the summer.

Free calendar – Fun Days to Celebrate in June

I know that it can be difficult sometimes to entertain eager kiddos when they’re home all day, so I put together all the fun holidays you can celebrate with them in June. Make sure to check me out on social — I give you guys some ideas on how to celebrate each day!

Free Online Mental Health Resources

I think it’s time that we broke the stigma of mental health! It’s SO important for everyone to tend to their mental health and be comfortable with talking about it with their village. I put together some of the best FREE resources to help with a variety of mental illnesses. Download this and be sure to have it on hand whenever necessary!

Free Online Safety Resources

Google is working hard to help keep your kids safe online with a ton of new updates. Check out some of my favorite kid-friendly Google features in this free downloadable!

Village Building Chart

From taking care of little ones to doing the laundry and everything in between, it can be hard as a parent or nanny to get all of your tasks done in one day.  You want to ask for help, but you just don’t know who to turn to.If you’ve ever felt like this, make sure to download and fill it out this chart! Then, the next time you find yourself needing assistance with anything, you’ll know exactly who to turn to!

Summer Reading Checklist

Reading during the summer is SUCH an important activity for kids to do — and with this Summer Reading Checklist, you can make the act of reading super fun for your little one! Print this out, let them help you write out all of the books they’re going to read, and once they finish each book, give them a colorful marker or pen to check it off on the list!