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Building a Drama-Free Digital Village — Safe Social Networking Apps for Kids

No matter how much you dislike social media, you can’t deny its popularity. Get this: recent surveys suggest over 80 percent of teens in the U.S. regularly use social media. So, unless the internet suddenly goes away, there’s a good chance your little ones will become “social media-saturated!”

No matter how much you dislike social media, you can’t deny its popularity. Get this: recent surveys suggest over80 percent of teens in the U.S. regularly use social media. So, unless the internet suddenly goes away, there’s a good chance your little ones will become “social media-saturated!”

While social media has some positive features, I know many mommas who are concerned about its safety. Big-name sites like Instagram and Twitter can easily expose little ones to non-age-appropriate topics or ads. However, there are a few child-focused apps that can help your kiddo build a virtual village without sacrificing their privacy or safety. Using these apps can also teach your little one about the importance of online etiquette before graduating to more popular sites. 

If you’re looking for a few social networking apps for kids, I strongly encourage you to check these out. 

Mom-Approved Social Media — Four Apps To Build Your E-Village  

Create 3D Masterpieces With Makers Empire

The app Makers Empire helps little ones build their online community while building awesome 3D designs. Not only will your little one pick up skills related to social media use, but they will also learn valuable technical skills that could have real-world applications. Some of the little Einsteins who’ve used Makers Empire were even able to print devices in 3D printers. How cool is that!?

To help protect everyone on the Makers Empire platform, developers say they only use privacy-focused avatars and usernames. Everyone who uses this app must also abide by the “Makers Promise,” which encourages kiddos to use respectful language when commenting on others’ creations.  

No question, Makers Empire is a fantastic way to bring out the techie in your tykes! 

Enjoy Hours Of “Edutainment” On Azoomee

If your kiddos are always complaining about boredom, then consider getting an Azoomee account. This COPPA-certified app contains countless hours of educator-approved games, shows, and DIY projects they could share with their online friends. Azoomee also promises never to expose kiddos to ads or lead them off of its monitored platform.

To make their Azoomee experience more interactive, parents can approve friendships in the app’s Chat feature. Azoomee also encourages everyone to watch their award-winning series, “Search It Up,” which teaches kiddos how to make wise decisions on the web.

Although Azoomee requires a paid subscription, you can take it for a test run free of charge. Learn more about Azoomee’s complimentary trial offer on this page

Connect With Family & Friends On Kinzoo

If the thought of competing for followers makes you sick to your stomach, then the Kinzoo Messenger App may be right for your little ones. Branded as a “family-forward app,” Kinzoo wants to make using social media fun, safe, and stress-free. That’s why they’ve eliminated common features like “likes” and instead focused on strengthening your real-world village.

Since Kinzoo is a private platform, it encourages your kiddos to start messaging with trusted friends and family. All of the messaging features and games in Kinzoo are designed to create memories between you, your kiddo, and everyone else you let into your Kinzoo club. 

If you need more evidence Kinzoo is super safe for kiddos, it has received the coveted COPPA certification. Also, Kinzoo’s founder Sean Herman is very active in his quest to make the internet a safer place for kiddos. In fact, you can read his book Screen Captured for great info on safely navigating the digital age. 

Instagram…Without The Drama — PopJam

PopJam may not have the glam aesthetic of Instagram, but it’s a far safer place for kiddos to express themselves. After receiving a parent’s approval, new PopJammers can start posting stickers, art, or photos and follow other creative kiddos’ creations. PopJam also has daily quizzes, challenges, and groups that little ones can use to express their interests and engage in the community. 

To keep all of their members safe, PopJam has a strict curfew schedule, and it doesn’t allow kiddos to post selfies or personal data. Parents can rest assured PopJam moderators are monitoring this app 24/7, and nobody can send private messages within the app. 

What’s nice about the PopJam app is that it encourages both creativity and kindness. In fact, PopJam will reward kiddos with “Neon Star” status only if they represent the company’s goal of creating a positive, bully-free community. 

Let’s Make Social Media Safe & Spectacular!

Social media can sometimes be a scary place, especially if you’re a concerned momma. However, if you use a few of the apps listed above, it should put your mind at ease. Let’s face it: we can’t shield our kiddos from social media forever. The best we could do is teach our kiddos the value of online kindness and the positive features of social networking. If kiddos can see social media as a place to collaborate rather than compete, I think we’d all have a happier village! 

Speaking of social media, you can always find my latest tips on my Instagram. I always love hearing from my mamas, so be sure to drop me a comment or DM me!