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Windy City Nanny Series

Join me as I meet with families from all walks of life to learn about their incredible journeys. Follow along to see my best tips for navigating the challenges and triumphs of childcare, and watch as I help families to keep an open heart, while giving parents the encouragement they need—and deserve!

EP 01

Who Am I? The New-Mom Identity Crisis

EP 02

When Your Parents Watch Your Kids

EP 03

Real Talk About Postpartum Anxiety

EP 04

Talking About Autism and Your Child

EP 05

The Value of Family Values

EP 06

Overcoming Mom Guilt

EP 07

When Super Dad Needs a Village

EP 08

Meet Your New Nanny

EP 09

Balancing Career and Family: The Myth of

EP 10

Talking to Your Child About Adoption

EP 11

How to Build Your Village

EP 12

Parenting with a Chronic Illness


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