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Yes, You Can Hire the Hot Nanny

A lot of people out there will tell you that hiring an attractive nanny is a big mistake. Here’s why they’re wrong.

If you Google “hot nanny,” you’ll find yourself with articles titled “Listen to science, don’t hire a hot nanny!” and “Hot Nanny—OK or No Way?” From the pages of results, it’s clear that many people believe that hot nannies are to be avoided like the plague. But are they really? Read on to learn why it’s OK to hire a nanny, and the single most important thing to consider before doing so.

Hot Nanny Phobia

The anti-hot-nanny mentality stems from the concern that the constant presence of an attractive––presumably young woman––in the house will invite temptation. There’s a very real fear that a wandering eye may lead to problems with infidelity, like the famous Jude LawGavin Rossdale and Ben Affleck scandals. Thank you, Hollywood.

Prior to the birth of her first child, Luna, Chrissy Teigen even chimed in, saying that in her house, “the rule is no hot nannies.” You might think that a Sports Illustrated model would be the last person to ever feel insecure around an attractive woman, but that just goes to show how real and prevalent this concern is. Just last year, HuffPost published an article in which the author explained her caregiver criteria: “I’d never hire a nanny who looks better in a bikini than I do.”

The Push Back

While Hot Nanny Phobia still exists, some new voices are joining the conversation as proponents of hiring attractive nannies. One Scary Mommy blogger shared her opinion on the matter, saying that she would “totally hire a hot nanny.” Author Ashley Austrew went on to cite “regressive and sexist” beliefs that suggest attractive women “can’t be trusted to keep their head down and do their job” as her reasoning. This is an excellent point. Women have been fighting for workplace equality for far too long, and fair treatment should extend beyond the corporate office!

However, my favorite part of her article––and the most important––is what she says after: “Hot people are everywhere, but good childcare is hard to find.”

How Are They With My Kids?

The number one thing to consider when hiring a nanny is your children. You want to find someone who is going to love your kids as you do and act as an extension of your eyes, ears and heart. An ideal nanny is someone who your children are going to love and admire. After all, if you’re a working parent, the nanny is going to be looking after your kids for several hours every day!

As the parents, though, you absolutely have to be comfortable with who you welcome into your home and your children’s lives! So, keep your children top of mind during the interview process. If you think that an attractive nanny might create some problems, don’t hire them. Bringing a new person into the house is a big adjustment for young children, and that doesn’t need to be complicated by a difficult goodbye.

And if infidelity becomes an issue, it’s the responsibility of the adults––parents and the caregiver!––to terminate employment. Should anything happen, whether that’s a separation or tension between parents, the consequences for the kids are the worst. Every child deserves to grow up in a happy and healthy home.

Your goal should be to find a nanny that is going to uphold your family values, care for and protect your children and respect your home. If that person happens to be the hot nanny, hire them! Don’t let looks get in the way of what’s best for your children.